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Revolutionizing Fantasy Cricket in the Web 3.0 Era - Play, Compete, Challenge, and Win with International Fantasy Cricket Players to Earn CARO Crypto Tokens and Unleash Unlimited Fun!"

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Our Mission :

Empowering Global Players Unleashing the Power of Fantasy Gaming with a Next-Level Web 3.0 Fantasy Gaming Experience


To be the market leader in web 3.0 fantasy gaming industry by bringing innovative free to play concept in the industry.


Rewarding a players passion to play fantasy games and sharing a benefits for building a strong fantasy gaming community

How To Play

Step 01

Select Any Match Which You Want To Play From Upcoming Sections.

Step 02

Join Any Of The Given Contest Which You Want.

Step 03

Create Your Own Wining Team By Use Your Excellent Skills Of Sports.

Step 04

Get your Winning reward Instant withdraw all around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To refer and earn on the CARO11 app, participate in the Super7 affiliate program. Personally refer 7 users, and each referral will unlock a level of your affiliate earnings. You will earn 1% of the gaming entry fees from players in your community team up to the 7th level.

To earn earnings from the 7 levels, you need to personally refer 7 users. Each referral will unlock a level of your affiliate earnings, allowing you to earn 1% of the gaming entry fees from players in your community team up to the 7th level. For example, the 1st user you refer will be on the 1st level, the 2nd user on the 2nd level, and so on until the 7th user on the 7th level.

You can view your affiliate earnings in the affiliate section of your user dashboard.

Your earnings through gaming referrals are credited to your Affiliate wallet as soon as your affiliates play the games. Once you accumulate at least $10 worth of affiliate earnings, you can transfer them to your wallet at any time.

Your affiliate link can be found on your user dashboard.

CARO11 is a global Fantasy cricket gaming platform loved by cricket enthusiasts in over 80+ countries. You can target any market, whether it's local, regional, national, or global. However, our user base is primarily from cricket-playing countries like India, England, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Afghanistan, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Netherlands, Oman, Scotland, Nepal, Namibia, United Arab Emirates, and the USA.

Unfortunately, no. Affiliate earnings are only possible from users who sign up through your unique affiliate link.

Absolutely! If you have a gaming or related social media channel, you can recommend CARO11 as one of the easiest ways for your followers to play online games. They can sign up using your affiliate link, and every time they play games on CARO11, you earn affiliate income.

No, there are no caps on daily earnings through referrals.

To earn more through the Super7 Affiliate program, it's recommended to enhance and regularize content around CARO11 on your social media channels. Share your affiliate links with the community as much as possible to achieve better results and maximize your earnings.

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